Maker’s Crafted Malts

It all started with a small collective of farmers in Saskatchewan, Canada who have decades of experience growing high quality malt barley. Particularly skilled in crafting an optimized barley for craft breweries and distillers.


The Challenge

In search of a name and identity, Maker’s came to Anon. They wanted to show the world that their unique vertical integration (growing and malting) allows for full control of the process and incentivizes growing malt for quality over quantity. And that their malt is truly a crafted malt made for Makers.

A Little Background

Maker’s barley is grown in the Sask. Valley home to some of the best barley producing dirt in the world. Their fields are next door to the malt house and get delivered straight from the fields to end-user. Their unique production of single-malt batches from specific fields ensures 100% traceability from “Grain to Growler”.

Crafting the Identity System

Anon worked closely with the Maker’s team to name the company as well as design their identity system.

Our goal for the naming and identity was to create a friendly, approachable and memorable name and identity system that clearly connects to the Maker’s brand to the “makers movement” in being a craft malting operation.

We constructed an identity system for Maker’s that gives Maker’s absolute control with a simple typographic mark constructed with a distinctive “M” icon and custom logotype. This evolutionary approach to their identity system allows for a scalable application of their brand across any medium.

With this new name and identity system, the brand can be applied across mediums in an accessible and approachable way.