Who We Are
We’re a strategic brand agency that solves complex problems through creativity and collaboration.
What We Do

We approach every challenge with a fresh perspective and bring:

Every area of expertise at Anon started because a client partner had a need. Over the years, that’s meant building best-in-class offerings that can (and do) stand alone as well as play a role in a fully integrated offering.


We are holistic in how we build brand affinity that drives business.

We come with unique perspectives to offer insight into solving your biggest problems and challenges.

We listen. And learn. And provide insight to give brands – both big and small – their voice, meaning, and value.

  • Calculated
  • data-driven
  • logical
  • linear thinking
  • strategic
  • practical
  • analytical
  • objective
  • Creative
  • empathetic
  • expressive
  • insightful
  • imaginative
  • intuitive
  • thoughtful
  • subjective

At Home in Lake Nona.

Naturally, we believe our home in Lake Nona is a terrific place to house, nurture and grow our creative company. It is a place where creative people can thrive – and do the best work of their lives.

And what better place than a bourgeoning new metropolis. A community that fosters an ecosystem of creativity, innovation, technology, health care, and sport.